Tesco head office is based in Shire Park. If you coming to Tesco on a short business trip then Skyline serviced apartments are perfect for you. We offer the perfect place to relax, convalesce and recharge. Best of all, we are more affordable than a local hotel. We can provide you with an apartment in  Stevenage or  Welwyn Garden City.

The serviced part of serviced apartments means that your apartment is fully serviced, in that it’s ready to move into and start living! All the utilities are switched on and included in the rate, bedroom and bathroom linen is provided, the kitchen is fully equipped and ready to start cooking, the cushions are plumped, it’s sparklingly clean and everything is in full working order. During your stay the housekeeping team will come in once a week and clean all the rooms, change the bedroom and bathroom linen and of course, if there are any maintenance issues during your stay just let us know and we will get them fixed as soon as possible.

So if you do find yourself needing proximity to Tesco Shire Park, think about Skyline.

To make a booking you can email us at contact@skyline-servicedapartments.co.uk or call us on +44 1438 900025

Tesco shire park serviced apartments

Tesco shire park serviced apartments corporate housing